About Us

At NumBuzz we believe that no one should pay for basic market research.

Our aim is to provide free market research for entrepreneurs, start-ups, students, small businesses and anyone else who needs free market research. We have a decade of experience in the market research industry and know how useful it can be to organisations of all sizes.

How to use NumBuzz for free market research:

And if at this point you realise you made a critical error in the questionnaire? No problem: collect more points, delete the survey you don't want, resubmit the corrected questionnaire, and watch the results roll in again! No money spent, just a little time.

If you need a bit more detail than the free market research gives, you can buy a full data tables with demographic analysis breaks, professionally presented in an Excel file. You can also buy a PowerPoint report file that highlights the key data in chart form – perfect for those times when you need to really impress the prospective investor. If you want even more detail, there is a deluxe level of data tables and data report that provides even more in-depth analysis.