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The key points you need to consider when it comes to market research:

  • A good market research questionnaire will ask around the subject, rather than asking about the specific idea that you have come up with for your business.

  • Know how you are going to use this data. Usually, you will use the data to either demonstrate your knowledge of the subject and how your idea fits in to that, OR to test an assumption that you have made about your target market.
For the best possible experience, please use Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox.
Yes, the website is mobile compatible.
Click “Register” located at the top of any page.
No, signing up and using this website is absolutely free (that’s what we call it free market research!).
Use of the survey building tool and viewing the basic results is absolutely free. You only pay if you require more in-depth reporting.
Click the “Log In” button at the top right of your screen. Then click “Forgot your Password?” and follow the instructions to reset your password.
Check out our guide section of the website for tips on how to write questionnaires and to analyse the data.
You can ask 8 questions per survey – we have set this as the limit to keep a fair balance between the time it takes user to answer surveys and the number of questions that are likely to be needed by most users.
You can create and store a maximum of 5 surveys at any one time, so you will need to delete some older surveys if you have reached your limit and want to ask more questions. Remember though that once a survey is deleted, it cannot be recovered, even by NumBuzz staff.
Point spends are calculated on the basis of how difficult it is to hit the target. The fewer countries you are targeting, the harder it is to hit the target number of interviews that you have set.
We are focusing on a limited number of countries to minimise the potential issues of language barriers, but we will take requests to expand to other countries on board and consider them for the future.
By giving your survey a clearly recognisable name, it will allow you to identify it more clearly if you want to check the results or edit it. This name will only be visible to you on your View Surveys page.
No, you cannot change any element of the survey after you have submitted it. Your only course of action is to delete the survey and resubmit a new survey – however you may need to collect more points to be able to do so.
We have gender, age, working status and country data of all users listed in our database. If you buy a report from us, this demographic data is included as standard. If you need demographic data in addition to this, you will to include it as one of your questions in your survey.
Try clearing your internet browser cache and restarting your browser. If you continue to experience issues, please contact us including as much information as you can regarding what error you are experiencing.
Check out our guide section for our reasoning behind not offering open ended questions in our surveys.
It may be taking a while if you’ve only selected one or two countries, and are aiming for a large number of interviews. Unfortunately there’s no way you can speed this up, but if you have enough interviews and don’t want to continue, you can take a copy of the results and then simply delete the survey. You can also buy any reports that you need at any point during interviewing.
Answers are updated live as they are completed, to give you the data as fast as possible. However users are only registered as a single completed interview once they have pressed the “submit” button.
Not everyone has experience of writing questionnaires, so it’s easy to forget to cover all options. By having ‘N/A’ always appear, it gives users an ‘escape route’ if none of the other answers apply. The ‘Flag inappropriate question’ option alerts us if someone is misusing the service by asking questions that are rude or offensive.
It depends – strictly speaking, ‘N/A’ and ‘Don’t know’ are different answers. N/A stands for ‘not applicable’, whereas ‘Don’t know’ implies that the question does apply to you, but that you don’t know the answer. But it’s up to you: take a look at the question you’re writing, and decide whether you need to be able to distinguish between people for whom the question does not apply, and those that don’t know the answer to your question.
The people answering your questions are just like you: they need to get a large number of responses to key questions, for free. There could be a variety of different reasons for this, but ultimately you are all helping each other. So provided you feel that you have answered anyone else’s questions to the best of your ability, then we can all trust each other to do our best.
To keep things simple for NumBuzz users, we don’t have any routing options. This will occasionally mean that users are asked questions that are not relevant to them – but this is why we automatically include ‘Not applicable’ as an answer option to each question.
Users answer surveys in the order that they have been submitted – so it may take a few days for your NumBuzz survey to rise to the top of the queue.
We limit all surveys to a maximum time of 5 months, although hopefully you should have received all of your required responses well within that time.
We would recommend that you don’t attempt to change the charts, as this might result in the data being corrupted, and being inaccurate. However, please feel free to adjust the text in the title or in any comment boxes as you see fit. In any PowerPoint report files that we create for you, we will write the slide titles and comments as best we can to focus on what we see as the key data points. But we are not the expert on your industry – you are. So if you think we’ve missed a trick in our analysis, please feel free to adjust it.
You can pay for our reports using PayPal – this means that your payment will be completely secure, and that you don’t need to give us any personal details aside from your email address (so that we can send the report to you).
We calculate percentages to multiple decimal places. Due to rounding (either up or down), this means that sometimes it looks like single choice questions are adding up to more (or less) than 100%. This is completely normal in market research and nothing to be concerned about.
It depends how many and who you are targeting, but at the moment we are still gathering data on this area.
The current maximum is 500, although we are planning to expand to a maximum of 1000 soon.
Sign in to your account and click the on the “View Surveys” button. Select the relevant survey you want to review the results for.
Once you submit your survey, your survey results will update in real time as soon as people start answering it. It will then automatically stop when your survey has reached its target number.
Yes, we will only contact you if:
1) You buy a report from us
2) You email us with a query
3) We think there is an issue with your account (this is unlikely to happen)
Get in touch with us at and we’ll do our best to help.